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Category: Braces & Supports

The Archimed™ 627 Spinal Brace comfortably adds support and stability needed during treatment of injuries and diseases of the lower spine. 

Pulley-Lace Closure System
This Archimed 627 Spinal Brace uses a dual pulley-lace design to provide a 6 to 1 mechanical advantage when adding support. The pulley-lace closure system automatically adjusts to your size and body shape.

Rigid Panels
Polyethylene plastic panels work in concert with the pulley-lace closure system to create a radial compression and increase intra-abdominal pressure. The posterior panel extends from L-1 to L-5 vertebra.

The Archimed 627 Spinal Brace is available in the following sizes:

Waist Circumference
Small 27" - 31"
Medium 32" - 38"
Large 39" - 45"
X-Large 46" - 52"
XX-Large 53" - 59"
3X-Large Over 59"

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