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Category: Braces & Supports

The Bax-U Correct Posture Support System is a high quality thin silk posture support designed to promote better posture for everyday life style challenges. It’s an advanced solution to help everyday people to prevent slouching and spinal degradation, improve the form of your posture, and improve the function of your muscles and spine.
Why wear the Bax-U Posture Support?

It’s SIMPLE and easy to Wear.
It’s SUBTLE. The Bax-U is a posture brace for under clothing. Nobody has to know you have it on!
It’s COMFORTABLE and adjustable to fit your life’s activities.
The Bax-U is ADAPTABLE, and adjusts tension as you stand taller.
Most of all, it’s EFFECTIVE. The Bax-U just WORKS.

You can wear your Bax-U Posture Support anywhere from 30 minutes to 360 minutes (6 hours) per day. It’s barely detectable, and perfectly suitable for work, or play, or while running errands or exercising, all without compromising your fashion or style.

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