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Category: Aids to Daily Living

The Adjustable Travel Roll is perfect for the traveler seeking comfort and economy. The Adjustable Travel Roll can be used virtually anywhere to increase comfort and low back support when sitting; it can also be used under the ankles when lying down.

When on the go, the roll can be used as a travel pillow for resting while flying or riding in the car. When sleeping away from home, use the Adjustable Travel Roll with a standard bed pillow to ensure proper neck support.

The attached air pump is used to fill the roll to your desired firmness. The Adjustable Travel Roll can inflate up to 8" (20cm) in circumference. When deflated, the Adjustable Travel Roll can be rolled up and stored in a suitcase, glove compartment or desk drawer.

The roll is covered with a plush, blue, nylon cover for comfort and durability. Size: 4"x16.5" (10cm x 42cm).

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Product Specifications

  • Pain Solution: ROL-302

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