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Category: Braces & Supports

Helps Prevent Backpack Strain and Injury With the Backpack Lumbar Support, students can comfortably carry today’s heavy loads more safely. The adjustable air chamber rests on the lumbosacral area, transferring weight to the hips and reducing force on the neck, back and shoulders. Improved weight distribution helps to correct posture and prevent back strain and injury to growing bodies. Simply adjust the size of support to desired comfort level with the attached air pump.

The Backpack Lumbar Support is a universal lumbar support that uses a quick adjust slide to attach to virtually any backpack. Young students can still use their favorite cartoon character backpacks; teens can use their favorite pack with all the pockets for their newest gadgets. Our support easily transfers from one backpack to another, making it an economical investment in any student’s future.

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  • Item #: PRO4601

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